Wednesday, December 5, 2012

'Tis the Season for Pinterest - Baby Doll Diapers & Wipes

{Click above for tutorial}

Pinterest is not only about food although that is probably the majority of items I "pin". Recently I bought a sewing machine off Craig's List and one of the first things I made (with the help of Chris' aunt) was diapers for Elianna's baby dolls. She is going to be super excited and I'm going to be excited that she won't snatch real diapers and wipes and try to use them.

They were pretty easy to make (I made them and I'm not a seamstress). I bought a package of felt pieces from the Dollar Store but since they were pretty thin, I folded them in half and sewed along all of the edges to reinforce them a bit. Instead of the wipe holder the tutorial gives directions for, I am simply going to buy a real wipe holder, empty it of the wipes and let her have a "real" one with "her wipes" in it.

*Update:  Elianna absolutely loves them and has even requested that I make more for the rest of her baby dolls.

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