Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'Tis the Season for Pinterest - Bathtub Paint

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This bathtub paint is so much better and cheaper than the bathtub paint below.  Elianna had alot of fun "painting" the bathtub.  It's easy to make but, of course, don't let any water into your container or your bathtub paint will be no more.

{Click above for instructions}

This bathtub paint is a bit more on the expensive side since you use baby wash and cornstarch.  Not expensive ingredients but more than shaving cream.  After a few days, this bathtub paint separated and was extremely hard to stir back up.  

Out of the two of these bathtub paints, I have to say that the shaving cream bathtub paint is my favorite of the two.

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  1. Oh, sure! NOW you review the bath paint. HA!We bought ingredients to do the baby wash type; however, I bought it at Aldi which is cheap. I'm glad to know it seperates and will only mix small batches. Thanks!