Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day In and Day Out

Each week I do the same thing day in and day out. Cleaning and laundry and youth group stuff and grocery shopping and cooking can get overwhelming. I always had great intentions of doing stuff but at the end of the week, it sometimes never got done. So, I made a weekly schedule to help me accomplish all those mundane daily tasks that must get done. It is probably different for you, but for me, it works . . . most of the time . . . when I'm not lazy or having a schedule change due to a youth activity.

-Personal Bible Study
-Clean bathroom (switch upstairs and downstairs every other week)
-Balance checkbook
-Water plants
-Update calendar(s)
*Laundry - Dark clothes

-Personal Bible Study
-Youth Group stuff (ie: computer work)
-Grocery List
-Walmart (in the PM)
*Laundry - Underclothes, towels

-Personal Bible Study
-Dust (switch upstairs and downstairs every other week)
-Sweep/mop floors (switch upstairs and downstairs every other week)
*Laundry - Elianna's clothes, sheets, etc. / Rugs

-Personal Bible Study
-Project of the Week (ie: painting, organizing, etc.)
*Laundry - Dark clothes

-Personal Bible Study
-Columbus (This is an awesome Farmers Market where I go each week to get my meat, deli cheese, bread, spices, and vegetables.)
*Laundry - Underclothes, sheets

*Laundry - Harley's sheets

*Laundry - Elianna's clothes

Whew! Makes me tired just looking at it! Yes, I do only clean my bathrooms, floors and dust every other week (upstairs and downstairs). I found it was way too much to do all in one week. I read the following paragraph in a book called The Mommy Diaries. It really jumped off the page at me and made me change my way of thinking.

"I had to realize that being the mother of a baby is time-consuming and that each day showed little tangible proof of the hours of care and devotion to temporary things - that diapers and clothes just get dirty again, hours of crying bouts soothed soon begin again, and meals vanish except of the reminder left by the dirty dishes in need of washing. I needed to let go of my desire to have tangible evidence of my work and instead focus on something different: the importance of raising children who are loved and cared for" and who grow up to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. (I added that last part).

I would love to hear how you all accomplish all your tasks. You may just have a way I can get out of doing them that is more efficient or saves time.

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