Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Not Sporty Enough

Maybe we just aren't stinky enough. Or sweaty enough. Or wear our clothes for a solid week, but the new Tide Sport with Febreze did nothing that any other detergent couldn't do for our clothes. I thought maybe the Febreze (how do you pronounce Febreze? If it was to be pronounced like "the breeze blew in over the ocean", wouldn't it have 2 "e's"? Is it just misspelled?)... Sorry, where were we? Oh yeah. I thought maybe the Febreze would give it some fresh breezy smell that would stand up and say "Ta-da! I'm better than all the other detergents because I have something misspelled added to me." Nope. Therefore, I give it a big (apparently non-sweaty) thumbs down.

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