Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Drowning in a Sea of White

This is a very random post. There. It's up there. Out front. Randomness. Maybe it's because I was trying to cook this past weekend and all I could see was white. Let me explain. I live in a state that bans Super Walmart. So, I have to sneak across the border into PA to shop at a Super Walmart. Why? Because it's ... super. I mean really. Before "my" Super PA Walmart was built I went to several different stores just to get my weekly groceries. Which, before I had Elianna, wasn't that big of a deal. A pain. But not a big deal. And at the "other" stores, I ended up paying more for my groceries. But yes, I love Super Walmart. And I love the fact that their "off brand" items are cheaper than the name brand; therefore, saving me $$.

Herein lies my problem. When I go to Walmart, it takes me so long to find anything on their shelves because everything looks the same to me. Same at home. Oftentimes, I end up buying an item again because I didn't notice at first that I had 5 cans of it already sitting in the pantry because it looked just like all the other cans in there.

I recently read a post from another blog, that mentioned a similar story except that her grocery store was making the labels so close to the name brand labels that it was hard to tell which was store brand and which was the name brand.

Fortunately, I do not have that problem with the Walmart brand. Unfortunately, I have a hard time telling them apart from each other within the same brand. Maybe it's because I'm a kid at heart, but I miss the big colorful pictures of Walmart brand yesteryear.

Anyone else drowning in a sea of white?

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  1. I'm with ya! C comments everyone we go " mom pretty soon this is going to be an all white store" just today I bought the wrong item cuz of the whiteness