Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Who?

No, no, it's not a question. Actually The Who is the name of the group who will be performing at Super Bowl XLIV halftime. Yes as in The Who who debuted in 1964. Umm ... anyone ready to play a game? If your hand shot up into the air for the "yes" votes, then get out your pen and paper for a game of pictionary.

Football Pictionary

- Indianapolis Colts
- New Orleans Saints
- Penalty
- Safety
- Fans
- Bleachers
- Cheerleaders
- Pass
- Helmet
- Touchdown
- Referee
- Coach
- Buffalo Wings

Or maybe you want to show off your football knowledge with a little trivia.

1. Which quarterback has made the most Super bowl starts without a win?
a) Fran Tarkenton
b) Craig Morton
c) Jim Kelly
d) Dan Marino

2. Three teams are tied with the most Super Bowl losses with four. What are they?
a) Dallas, Denver, Buffalo
b) Buffalo, Minnesota, Miami
c) Denver, Minnesota, Miami
d) Denver, Buffalo, Minnesota

3. Only one cornerback has ever ben named Super Bowl MVP. Who is it?
a) Larry Brown
b) Deion Sanders
c) Charles Woodson
d) Herb Adderley

4. Just one college has produced three different Super Bowl MVPs. What is it?
a) Alabama
b) Georgia
c) Michigan
d) Notre Dame

5. There is only one three time Super Bowl MVP. Who is it?
a) Tom Brady
b) Terry Bradshaw
c) Bart Starr
d) Joe Montana

6. Which coach has the most Super Bowl appearances?
a) Chuck Noll
b) Bill Parcells
c) Don Shula
d) Tom Landry

7. What is the biggest margin of victory in a Super Bowl?
a) 35 points
b) 42 points
c) 45 points
d) 55 points

8. Who is the oldest coach ever to win the Super Bowl?
a) Dick Vermeil
b) Tom Landry
c) Don Shula
d) Marv Levy

1. c
2. d
3. a
4. b
5. d
6. c
7. c
8. a

But maybe it's just to play the good old fashioned game of paper football.

How to Play

Basically, the object of the game is to score touchdowns. To get a touchdown, you must flick the ball with you finger (you play on a straight edged table) and have the ball stop, with part of it sticking over the table. That is 6 points. Players take turns, one flick each back and forth untill someone scores. If the ball goes off the table, you kick off. Hold the ball in your hand, resting on the plam, and toss it on the table by hitting your fingers on the underside of the table.

After a touchdown you can kick a feild goal. Whoever is kicking hold the ball vertical between his finger and the table, and with his kicking hand, he flicks the ball with his finger. The other person is holding a field goal with his finger aranged in a position, its good for 1 point.

How to make the football

1) Get a piece of paper, fold in in half longways (so you should have one long skinny half).
2) Cut or tear along the seam.
3) Holding the paper vertical (tallways) fold the corner down into a triangle. That should form a triangle.
4) Continue to fold down makeing the trianges until you run out of paper to fold.
5) Tuck what ever excess paper into the "pocket" on the top of the ball.

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