Friday, June 18, 2010


Email is slowly becoming a thing of the past just like "snail mail." It is being replaced by texting, IM-ing, etc. One day my children will probably look at me and say "e-what?" I will at that point in time in my life feel very old.

This week is Email Week so I thought I would share a couple of tips on email etiquette. This list is not extensive but I didn't want to bore you with something that will only be around a few more years.

1. Use spell check! Besides it not being taken seriously, it is just simply annoying to try to decipher what is trying to be said!

2. Even if someone does not ask you to respond, do not ignore them. Acknowledge that you have received their email.

3. They are cute, but patterned backgrounds make an email hard to read.

4. Make sure whoever you are sending an email to has the same software as you or they may not be able to open your attachment. Easiest way to avoid this is to use a PDF file.

5. I know you will win the lottery if you forward that email to 8 people in your contact file, but please don't send it to me remember that it may not be appreciated by those you send it to.

6. Before getting upset that you did not get a response from someone, check your spam or trash folders to make sure it didn't accidentally get sent to those folders.

7. Bottom line: be courteous to those you get emails from or those you send emails to. Treat them the same as you would "snail mail" - it just takes 6,000 seconds less.

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