Friday, August 27, 2010

Five Facts Friday - Enjoy the Perks of Coffee

1. Freshen your breath. Completely out of breath mints? Simply suck on a coffee bean for a while and your mouth will feel clean and fresh again.

2. Don't raise any dust. Before you clean the ashes out of your fireplace, sprinkle them with wet coffee grounds. They'll be easier to remove, and the ash and dust won't pollute the room's atmosphere.

3. Make a dehumidifier. If your basement is too damp, try this effortless solution. Fill an empty coffee can with salt and leave it in a corner where it will be undisturbed, creating an instant dehumidifier. Replace the salt at monthly intervals or as needed.

4. Keep toilet paper dry when camping. Bring a few empty coffee cans with you on your next camping trip. Use them to keep toilet paper dry in rainy weather or when you're carrying supplies in a canoe or boat.

5. Store belts. If you have more belts than places to hang them, just roll them up and store them in a cleaned-out coffee can with a clear lid. Coffee cans are just the right size to keep belts from creasing, and the clear lids help you find each belt easily.

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