Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Button Bracelet

My Grandmother has a tin full of millions and millions of buttons. Okay so maybe millions and millions is an slight exaggeration. Exaggeration or not, I fully plan on raiding that tin next time I'm over there. Barring, of course, that it is okay with her. Did I even use that word (barring) in the correct context? No idea. ... This time I just used buttons that we had around the house. Sorry in advance Honey if you need a button for your shirt and I'm wearing it around my wrist.

Cut elasticized cord long enough to wrap around the wrist twice. To make a standard-button bracelet, thread elastic through from back to front and then to the back again. For four-hole buttons, thread elastic diagonally through two holes on opposite corners.

For a shank-button bracelet, thread elastic through shanks, turning every other button upside down to overlap. Once you've strung on enough buttons to reach around the wrist, thread both ends of elastic through a metal crimp tube and squeeze tightly with pliers (you can also just knot it a bajillion times and put a little glue on there too). Trim excess elastic.

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