Friday, September 17, 2010

Such a Deal I've Got For You

I am on a coupon high! I have found some great deals lately, mostly thanks due to some "money saving blogs" that I follow. In some of these blogs, they always show what they bought and then tell the SMALL AMOUNT of money that they spend on it. I've always thought it was neat to see and wished I could do that. Well, here's mine.

This first "pat on my back" happened THE DAY I LOST MY INTERNET.

For everything in this picture I spent $6.22 (between 2 stores). Those breathe right strips are worth that much alone! (The book is a present for EJ for Christmas. Shhh! Don't tell her.) I also got a free coffee from McD's that day with a coupon that I had. Later that night, we went to Target and I got a $3 Christmas present for C, and spent $10.28 at another store for 4 partial Christmas presents / birthday presents for family (thus the reason I can't show you pictures of that).

This is what I got today. I spent $9.11. I paid $0.31 for all those SoBe drinks. I paid $1 for both Cap'n Crunch. And at Target I spent $7.80. The wipes were $1.08 a piece!

I'm so excited! I have to say thanks to all the blogs I read (especially this one). It pays to use coupons!

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