Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Taste of Fall

There is nothing better in the Fall than apple recipes ... and pumpkin recipes. Today we are just going to focus on the apples though. This is another yummy Grandmother recipe. Applesauce always appeared to be hard to make but there is nothing further than the truth. It is super easy to make and smells just like Fall while it is cooking.


1/2 peck of apples, peeled and cut into small chunks (it will equal about 5 quarts cut up) *Jonathan or MacIntosh work the best
1/2 cup water

Rinse apples and put into a large (6 quart) saucepan. Add water. Cook on high until it boils. If it looks like it needs more water, add a little at a time (don't let apples scorch). Cook on low until apples look like applesauce (cook for a shorter time if you prefer chunky applesauce or for a longer time if you prefer a smooth applesauce). Stir often. Let cool.

Yield: About 3 quarts

Told ya it was easy.

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