Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Hot Rod Dog

1 beef frank
1 hot dog bun, split
1 little wiener
1 tablespoon cheese dip
1 cherry tomato
9 small pretzel sticks
1/2 of a tomato slice
1 cheese single
2 teaspoons ketchup
2 stuffed green olives
4 dill sandwich pickle slices
1 ritz cracker
2 green onion slices
1 pitted black olive slice

Heat frank as directed on package or grill until heated through. Place frank in bun to form the lower part of the "driver's body". Place little wiener upright at one end of the frank to form the upper part of the driver's body, using cheese dip to secure pieces. Attach cherry tomato to top of the little wiener with pretzel stick to form the "driver's head."

Place tomato slice upright at one end of sandwich, in front of the driver, to resemble the windshield, attaching to frank with a dab of cheese dip. Place cheese single over the frank, in front of the windshield, to form the "hood." Decorate with ketchup.

Add green olives to front of hood for the "headlights," using 2 of the pretzel sticks, then attach pickle slices with 4 of the pretzel sticks to both sides of the bun for "wheels." Add the cracker for the "steering wheel."

Attach the white parts of the green onion to the driver's head with a dab of cheese dip to resemble the goggles. Attach ripe olive slice, cut in half, to driver's head, using dab of cheese dip, to form "smile." Cut remaining half of olive slice crosswise in half for the "eyebrows." Attach remaining 2 pretzel sticks to both sides of little wiener for the "arms."

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