Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sun-sational Flower Cake

Sun-sational Flower Cake

Frosted 9x13-inch cake
Necco wafers
45-60 yellow and orange Starburst candies
Mini chocolate chips
Green fruit streamers
1 pound yellow, orange and clear gummy bears

Mosaic vase: Create an outline by cutting an 8-ounce paper cup in half vertically and pressing the cut edge into the frosting. Break 2 Necco wafers in half and set them across the top of the vase. Use 6 or so more Necco wafers, broken into pieces, to fill in the rest of the vase.

Sunflowers: One at a time, microwave 5 yellow and 3 orange Starburst candies until they're pliable, about 8 seconds, and roll them flat between two pieces of waxed paper. Use scissors to cut them into petals (1 to 1-1/2 inches long). You'll need about 15 to 20 per flower. Create an outline for each flower center by lightly pressing the rim of a 3-ounce paper cup into the frosting (for variety, sue the cup bottom to create one smaller blossom). Arrange two layers of petals around each circle. Fill the centers with mini chocolate chips. Use doubled green fruit streams strands to create flower stems and leaves.

The frame: Arrange a single row of yellow, orange and clear Gummy Bears along the top edge of the cake and then make additional rows down the sides.

Recipe and picture from FamilyFun.go.com

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