Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daily Essentials

It is very important to take vitamins every day. Some take B vitamins for energy (that's me!), fish oil for joint health (that's me!), ginkgo to help memory (oops! I forgot!), vitamin C for its antioxidant power (so sour, but that's me!), and most commonly a multi-vitamin to help anything else. Since I am a responsible adult, I make sure that I at least take a multi-vitamin every day. Would you like to see my multi-vitamin?

You got that right! Children's gummi vitamin! Have you ever tried those things? They taste like candy! Thankfully adults are allowed to take 2 a day. Kids only get one. And yes they are the same ones that I feed my kiddos every day. They are very good at reminding me to pass them out. Maybe cuz they taste so good?

BTW: a big bottle like this is a good deal at Sam's Club. Oh, and yes, my hubby takes the same kind of a vitamin. YUMMO!

1 comment:

  1. Seriously, I've always wondered how you remember to take Gingko if you have memory problems!?! I love the B Complex vitamin I take -- helps with the energy level. And my kids take those vitamins unless I get coupons for the Disney ones and they are on sale!