Friday, May 21, 2010

Brown Bag It

Everywhere/everyone has re-usable bags now. Some places you actually get a discount on your purchases if you use them. I've never bought any. My sister has and she says they are nice, especially if you go to a store that has cheap plastic bags (ahem! W-M). She says they hold alot of groceries too.

So Daddy brought home one of these bags the other day, kindly donated by UPS. Thus the "brown bag." Since I only have one and since I can't visit the "brown" store, I came up with another way to use it. I designated it my 'errands' bag. If I have an item to return, I toss it in there. If I have something to send, I toss it in there. Then when the day comes that I do errands, I just grab the bag and I'll have everything I need.

Right now my bag holds 2 items to return and their receipts, 2 boxes that I need to mail, and 2 library books to return. How smart am I? I'll try not to break my arm patting my back.

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