Monday, September 12, 2011

Under the Big Top Cake

Under the Big Top Cake
Bake 2 eight-inch round cakes and a dome shaped cake. Stack the two round cakes with a layer of icing in the middle. Ice the round cakes in a solid color or with stripes of varying colors. Carve the cooled dome cake to come to a point for the top of the circus tent. Ice the dome cake in a solid color or with varying colored stripes. Place the dome cake on top of the round cake. Use the star icing tip attached to a pastry bag to create a shell border where the base and the roof of the circus tent meet. Make a triangular shaped flag out of paper. Attach it to a toothpick or piece of a wooden skewer. Place it in the top of the tent. Add small clown or animal figures around the circus tent cake.
*Picture is actually of a piƱata. Adapt to recipe above.
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