Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oreo Butterfly

Oreo Butterfly

2 Oreo cookies
2 tablespoons ready-to-spread vanilla frosting, tinted yellow
3 small green gumdrops, divided
1 piece black shoestring licorice
2 ring-shaped chewy fruit snacks, halved

Split 1 of the cookies in half; cut each piece in half to form 2 "wings." Spread plain sides of wings with yellow frosting. Spread frosting on remaining whole cookie for the base. Insert wings, frosted sides up and rounded edges out, into frosting in base.

Trim thin slice off wide ends of 2 of the gumdrops; press cut ends together for the "body." Trim thin slice from body with a sharp knife and another thin slice from narrow end of remaining gumdrop for the "head;" press into the body to secure.

Cut licorice into 2 (2-inch) pieces for the "antennae." Make 2 holes in the head with toothpick; insert antennae into holes. Use additional frosting to secure wings to body. Decorate wings with thin gumdrop slices and fruit snacks as desired.

Tip: To prevent cookies from breaking, use a serrated knife to cut them in half.

Tip: Substitute yellow decorating gel for the tinted frosting.

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