Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cookie Fish

Cookie Fish
1 miniature pretzel twist
1 oreo cookie
1/4 teaspoon ready-to-spread vanilla frosting
1 5-inch square piece chewy fruit snack roll, cut diagonally in half
1 candy coated chocolate piece
Attach pretzel, with wide part of pretzel facing outward, to bottom edge of cookie with some of the frosting for the fish's mouth. Fold 1 of the snack roll pieces to resemble a fan; place on opposite edge of cookie for the fish's tail, securing with some of the remaining frosting.
Place, pretzel side down, on plate.
Attach remaining snack roll piece to top of cookie with some of the remaining frosting for the fish's fins. Use remaining frosting to attach candy to the cookie for the fish's eye. Let stand until frosting is firm.
Recipe and picture from KraftFoods.com

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