Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spuds McTurkey

Spuds McTurkey
Large brown potatoes
Assorted fresh and dried fruits, nuts, vegetables, and mini pretzel sticks and twists, for decorating
Peanut butter
Favorite trimmings
Tail feathers: carrots, bell peppers, and summer squash cut into long strips
Wings: wedges of red onion, apple or orange or lemon peel
Eyes: raisins, dried cranberries, or googly eyes
Wattle: wedge of red pepper or radish, or a dried cranberry
Beak: cashew or almond, pistachio shells, or the tip of a lemon
Feet: carrot slivers or pretzels
To stand each potato upright, create a tripod by pushing three toothpicks into the bottom, leaving 1/2 inch protruding (later, you can attach feet over the toothpicks to conceal them).
Designate the top of the potato as the head, or attach a separate, smaller potato head with toothpicks.
Attach hard items, like nuts and pretzels with peanut butter. To add pistachio shells, cut small, curved slits into the potato and push them in. Stick on googly eyes with peanut butter.

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